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For over 65 years, Dean Roofing Company has been a beacon of trust and reliability in the roofing industry. Serving the Tampa Bay Area, we have established ourselves as the go-to solution for all roofing needs, from versatile asphalt shingles to durable tile roofing. If you’re in St. Petersburg, FL, and are looking for a roofing company that truly understands your needs, Dean Roofing is here for you.

Why St. Petersburg Chooses Dean Roofing

Your home’s roofing isn’t just about protection; it’s a statement of style, durability, and quality. In St. Petersburg, where the weather can be unpredictable, having a robust and reliable roof is essential. And when it comes to selecting roofing contractors, you deserve nothing but the best.

Dean Roofing Company stands out not just because of our state license, bonding, and insurance, but because of our rich history. Stationed in the same location since 1946, we’ve been the first choice for many homeowners in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area. Our accolades include an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, the prestigious Owens Corning Platinum Contractor title, and the trust of major establishments like the St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport.

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Residential Roofing Excellence

Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal or ensure its safety, Dean Roofing offers a diverse range of roofing materials. From traditional asphalt shingles, elegant tile roofing, to durable metal roofs, our expertise ensures you get the best fit for your home. Our extensive experience in the roofing industry ensures that we recommend the best materials for St. Petersburg’s climate, guaranteeing longevity and durability.

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Commercial Roofing in St. Petersburg

Dean Roofing isn’t just about residential projects. With over 65 years in the business, we’ve handled commercial roofing projects of all scales. From airports to historical landmarks in St. Petersburg, our roofing services are unparalleled in quality and precision. If you own a business in St. Petersburg and are looking for a reliable roofing contractor, Dean Roofing is your answer.

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greg urban

says, “Phenomenal job! They came on time – the crew was personable and kept me informed of what was going on. They covered everything and did an outstanding job cleaning up. We have found ZERO nails or debris around our house. Contact Luke!”

Steve Wotovich

mentions, “I received excellent advice on how to fix the waterproofing of my porch. He took the time to explain why my original porch failed and suggested a fiberglass coating to fix it for good. I will be using the company for all my future roof repairs.”

The Dean Roofing Commitment

At Dean Roofing, we pride ourselves on being a customer-centric roofing company. Our team, comprising local residents of St. Petersburg, is our strength. They aren’t just employees; they’re a part of the Dean family. We ensure that we have the best roofers in St. Petersburg, FL, by providing rigorous in-house training and competitive benefits. When you hire Dean Roofing, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in quality, reliability, and peace of mind.

More Than Just Roofing

At Dean Roofing, we believe in treating our customers like family. This philosophy has been the cornerstone of our success and has allowed us to understand the unique roofing needs of St. Petersburg residents. Whether it’s a new construction project or a simple roof repair, Dean Roofing is the preferred choice for many, and for good reasons.

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Recognized for Quality and Reliability

Our dedication to excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed. We’re proud to have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our recognition as an Owens Corning Platinum Contractor highlights our expertise and the high standards we maintain in every roofing project.

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Our Promise to St. Petersburg Residents

We understand that roofing is a significant investment, and that’s why we stand firmly behind our work. If there’s ever an issue with our workmanship, even outside the warranty period, we commit to addressing it at no additional cost. This promise is a reflection of our confidence in our services and our dedication to ensuring that our customers in St. Petersburg, FL, are always satisfied.

What Our Customers Say

Helen Beresini

shares, “This company is excellent. Of the three estimates I received, Dean came in the lowest. I was leaning toward Dean anyway because they had installed my brother’s roof a few months previous and did a great job for him. They had plenty of workers, very organized and completed my roof installation in a day and a half.”

Tom Kerwin

recalls, “On 4/21/20 I had a flat roof replaced on my home. The job was professionally done the results were great! This is the second time I’ve used The Dean Company and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. When the job was done they cleaned the entire working area. I feel that the price was very fair also.”

The Dean Roofing Difference

What truly defines a home or business? While many elements contribute to its character, the roof stands out both literally and figuratively. It’s not just a protective layer; it’s a statement of style, durability, and quality. At Dean Roofing Company, we understand the significance of this, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring that the roofs we work on are not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

The Essence of Quality Roofing

A roof is more than just a structure that shelters you from the elements; it’s a reflection of your taste, your commitment to quality, and your investment in your property. In St. Petersburg, FL, where the elements can be as diverse as its residents, having a roof that stands the test of time is paramount. Dean Roofing Company, with its rich legacy and commitment to excellence, ensures that every roofing project undertaken is a testament to quality and durability.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

Every home and business in St. Petersburg has its unique requirements. Whether it’s the architectural style, the age of the building, or specific roofing needs, Dean Roofing Company offers tailored solutions. Our extensive range of services includes new roofs, roof repairs, reroofs, new construction, and custom sheet metal work. Our team of certified professionals ensures that every project is executed with precision and care.

A Commitment to St. Petersburg

Our bond with St. Petersburg isn’t just professional; it’s personal. Being a locally owned company, we understand the nuances of the local climate, the architectural trends, and the specific challenges that roofs in this region face. This local expertise, combined with our global standards of quality, makes us the preferred roofing contractor for many in St. Petersburg.

Beyond the Warranty

While many companies offer warranties, at Dean Roofing, we believe in going a step further. If there’s ever an issue with our workmanship, even if it’s outside the warranty period, we’re committed to addressing it. This isn’t just a policy; it’s a reflection of our confidence in our work and our commitment to the residents of St. Petersburg.

Comprehensive Roofing Solutions in St. Petersburg

Whether you’re looking to repair an existing roof or install a new one, it’s crucial to make informed decisions. Dean Roofing Company is here to guide you every step of the way. Our expertise spans both residential and commercial roofing, ensuring that no matter the scale or complexity of the project, we have you covered.


From roof replacements to minor roof repairs, our team in St. Petersburg is equipped to handle it all. We take pride in our ability to assess a situation accurately and recommend the best course of action. If your roof can be salvaged with a few repairs, we won’t push for a complete replacement. Our goal is to provide solutions that are in the best interest of our clients.

Expertise in Diverse Roofing Systems

From traditional homes to contemporary commercial spaces, St. Petersburg boasts a diverse architectural landscape. Dean Roofing Company is adept at handling a wide range of roofing systems. Whether it’s the classic charm of asphalt shingles, the robustness of metal roofs, or the elegance of tiles, our team ensures that your roofing needs are met with precision.

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A Tradition of Trust

Trust isn’t built overnight. At Dean Roofing Company, our legacy of over 70 years stands as a testament to the trust and confidence that residents of St. Petersburg have in us. Our transparent pricing, commitment to using the best roofing materials, and a team of highly skilled professionals ensure that every project we undertake exceeds expectations.

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Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs

Every property in St. Petersburg has its unique challenges and requirements. Whether it’s the architectural style, the age of the building, or specific roofing needs, Dean Roofing Company offers tailored solutions. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that every project, whether it’s a roof replacement, repair, or new installation, is executed with precision and care.

The Dean Roofing Advantage

Choosing the right roofing contractor in St. Petersburg can be daunting. With Dean Roofing, you get:

Quality Workmanship

Our team comprises some of the best in the roofing industry, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards.

Best Roofing Materials

We use only top-notch materials, ensuring durability and longevity for your roof.

Transparent Pricing

No hidden costs, no surprises. We believe in transparency and ensure you get value for every dollar spent.

Guaranteed Warranties

Our confidence in our work is reflected in our long-term warranties. Peace of mind guaranteed.

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Words from Our Valued Clients

Charles Flowers

mentions, “Dean Roofing did an excellent job replacing our roof. Could not have had a better crew. We get a lot of compliments on the shingle color and quality. They have done four roofs for friends of ours and all of our friends recommended them.”


states, “I was very pleased with Dean Roofing, I had at least 6 different roofing companies come give me estimates and I got a lot of different opinions and prices. After all of that, I chose Dean Roofing. I can honestly say that there are a lot of dishonest companies out there and Dean Roofing is not one of them. I highly recommended them, they are on time, do excellent work and 4 of my neighbors have also used them.”

Dean Roofing are:

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Embracing Modernity While Respecting Tradition

While we take pride in our rich history, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. We constantly innovate, embracing the latest in roofing technology and techniques. Whether it’s the use of automated technology or the latest in roofing materials, we ensure that our clients in St. Petersburg get the best of both worlds.

In Conclusion

In the dynamic landscape of St. Petersburg, FL, where tradition meets modernity, Dean Roofing Company stands as a beacon of trust, quality, and commitment. For over 70 years, we’ve been more than just a roofing company; we’ve been partners in crafting legacies. Our roofs, built with precision, care, and the best materials, are not just structures; they are symbols of our unwavering dedication to excellence. As we look to the future, our promise remains unchanged: to provide St. Petersburg with unmatched roofing solutions, one roof at a time.

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Two construction workers from Dean Roofing Company using a hammer on a roof.

Words from Our Valued Clients

Sharon Tuttle

praises, “Excellent roofing company – Luke, from your Clearwater office, attended to every detail and his team of workers provided superior workmanship. Entire experience from start to finish was exceptional. Love my new roof.”


states, “I was very pleased with Dean Roofing, I had at least 6 different roofing companies come give me estimates and I got a lot of different opinions and prices. After all of that, I chose Dean Roofing. I can honestly say that there are a lot of dishonest companies out there and Dean Roofing is not one of them. I highly recommended them.”